Travel Tips To European Countries: Norway

About The County 

Norway, a Nordic nation lying on the western segment of the Scandinavian Peninsula is situated in Northern Europe. It additionally outskirts Sweden, Finland and Russia. 

Norway is an extraordinarily lovely nation with a long coastline, cold mountains, and stunning fjords. Oslo is the capital of Norway and furthermore the biggest city. 

Norway is presented with bunches of common excellence including wild backwoods, noteworthy towns and delightful angling towns.

The nation is truly accommodating to the visitors and individuals are well disposed of as well. Numerous sightseers are pulled in by the well known midnight sun of the Arctic. 

Each of the three major urban areas of Norway offers diverse encounters to guests. Norway is a place to be for nature sweethearts and for social lovers. Norway is genuinely one of the best traveler goals of Europe. 

Travel Tips To European Countries: Norway

Populace and Languages 

The number of inhabitants in Norway is just 4.6 million and the official dialects being spoken are Bokmal Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian. Different dialects that are likewise spoken in Norway incorporate Sámi and Finnish. 


The voltage is 230 V and the recurrence is 50 Hz. The kinds of fittings utilized are Round stick connection attachment and "Schuko" fitting and container with side establishing contacts. 

Geographic Location 

It is a Nordic nation lying on the western bit of the Scandinavian Peninsula and situated in Northern Europe. 

It additionally outskirts Sweden, Finland and Russia. Around two-thirds zone of Norway is mountains, has around fifty thousand little islands along its drift. It likewise has one of the longest coastlines on the planet. 

Travel Tips To European Countries: Norway


The atmosphere of Norway can be named as Temperate with sweltering summers and cold cloudy winters. The good countries of inside Norway have an ice-like atmosphere with snow, extreme breeze chill, and ice. 

The majority of the rain is along the beachfront regions and descends in winter intensely and much of the time. Winters are mellow too along the waterfront regions. 

Nearby Customs 

Like some other nation, Norway has its own traditions as well. It is standard not to drink until the point when the host makes a toast. 

It is standard for visitors to offer endowments to the host of a supper. Smoking is denied in most open zones. The easygoing dress is adequate for ordinary wear. Tipping the cab drivers isn't standard. 

Tipping up to five percent is standard for administration in eateries. Doormen at railroad stations and airplane terminals charge per piece, while watchmen at lodgings by and large charge around NOK5-10 relying upon the number of bits of gear. 


Bergen – Numerous historical centers, exhibitions, aquarium, medieval age structures, link vehicle to the highest point of Bergen's slopes and vessel excursions to fjords. 

Oslo – Old medieval structures, places of worship, present day engineering, historical centers like Edvard Munch Museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum, craftsmanship displays, Vigeland Park, and Akershus Fortress 

Fjordland – Geirangerfjorden is known for modest S-formed fjord, 

Sognefjord – the longest and the most profound fjord, lovely towns, for example, Balestrand and Flam, old fight chapels, Nærøyfjord – Narrowest part of the Sognefjord and Plateau of Jostedalsbreen ice sheet 

Tromsø – Arctic house of God, Polaris and Tromsø Museum 

Travel Tips To European Countries: Norway


Via Air – Many carriers work to Norway like Braathens SAFE (BU) and SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK), a Scandinavian aircraft, Air France, British Airways, Finnair, Icelandair, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair and Swiss Airlines. 

Oslo International Airport (OSL) (Gardermoen) (site: is the greatest air terminal of Norway which is found 30 miles north of Oslo. 

Travel Tips To European Countries: Norway

Ocean - The critical traveler ports are Bergen, Kristiansand, Larvik, Oslo, and Stavanger. The principle ocean courses from the UK worked by Fjord Line and DFDS Seaways individually, are from Newcastle to Bergen and to Kristiansand. 

By Rail – The nation is a piece of the broad system of trains interfacing the European urban areas. In the event that you are originating from the UK, the associations are from London through Dover/Ostend (by means of Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden) or Harwich/Hook of Holland, or from Newcastle to Bergen by means of Stavanger. 

It is likewise associated with Sweden through two courses, with daytime and medium-term trains from Copenhagen, Malm, and Stockholm.

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